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2013 Spa for Ma Giveaway Hop (Ends 9/16) #Spa4Ma

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Spa for Ma

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Spa for Ma Giveaway Hop! I have teamed up with a bunch of other bloggers and our hosts Measuring Flower and Homemaking Hacks to bring you this fun event that helps mom to kick back, relax, and WIN–just in time for the kids to be back at school!

This event is a giveaway hop which means that, after you’re entered my awesome prize below, you can “hop” on to the next blog to enter their prize as well. All the prizes in this hop are worth a minimum of $25. You can find a list with links to all the other blogs towards the bottom of this post.

I am excited to announce that our grand prize sponsor for this event is KOHL’S! They’re giving away a $300 gift certificate to one very fortunate reader! Click HERE to enter to win this incredible grand prize.

So, Kohl’s is helping you dress well.  And I’m going to help you smell pretty!  I’m giving away a set of 6 Victoria’s Secret Perfumes, worth $39!



The included scents are: Dream Angel Heavenly; Very Sexy; Victoria’s Secret Bombshell; Sexy Little Thngs Noir Tease; Incredible by Victoria’s Secret; and Victoria’s Secret Pink.

I’ve also thrown in a pair of pink dangling earrings, just to make mom feel extra special:


To enter this giveaway, just use the widget below.  If it doesn’t load after a minute, refresh your browser.  Giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 years and older.  Don’t forget to hop through the list of other participating bloggers at the end of this post.  Good luck!

Disclosure: Measuring Flower and its writers, Homemaking Hacks and its writers, and the other bloggers particpating in this hop are not responsible for any sponsor(s) who do not fulfill their prize(s).

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2 pings

  1. 153
    Christian Alejandro

    My girlfriend has used Dream Angel and another that I relaly like.

  2. 152
    Marcy Strahan

    My favorite is Bombshell! I also love the Dream Angel!

  3. 151
    Sue J.

    My favorite is Pink!

  4. 150
    Tanya White

    Love spell is my favorite.

  5. 149
    Buddy Garrett

    Love Spell is my favorite.

  6. 148
    Bobbye Hope

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 Love Bombshell

  7. 147
    Beverly Metcalf

    My favorite is Pure Seduction. Thanks for having this contest.

  8. 146

    I like all the fragrances…I can never choose

  9. 145
    Vikki Billings

    My daughters favorite is Dream Angel!

  10. 144
    Brandi Price

    I love Very Sexy

  11. 143

    I love dream angels heavenly!

  12. 142

    not yet, but I think i’d enjoy something that’s fresh and clean scented.

  13. 141
    Kayci Stanley

    I always enjoyed Love Spell, but honestly I don’t know that I have smelled any other sent of theirs.

  14. 140
    Suzy Horvath

    All the perfumes are wonderful! _ I hope I win!

  15. 139
    Carla S

    My favorite is heavenly.

  16. 138
    Paula Tavernie

    My fave is Love Spell!

  17. 137
    Angela Cash

    I have actually never used any of the Victoria’s Secret fragrances but I would love to try Bombshell.

  18. 136
    Kat Emerick

    Sorry.. I have never tried any but hope to do soon.

  19. 135
    Kayla Lee

    I’m a big fan of Pure Seduction.

  20. 134
    kristin sims

    My favorite is Love Spell, thank you!!

  21. 133

    Heavenly angel

  22. 132
    Kelly Commerford

    Enchanted Apple

  23. 131
    Kathryn Mcneal

    I haven’t used VS perfume in a long time, so I don’t have a favorite.

  24. 130
    Barbara Stenby

    Rapture is my favorite

  25. 129
    Nicole C.

    My favorite is Dream Angel Heavenly.

  26. 128
    Bonnie Caselman

    My favorite Victoria’s Secret fragrance is Very Sexy for Her.

  27. 127
    Deb Yancey

    No I do not have a favorite Victoria’s Secret perfume, but this “Stella” is ready to get her groove back with finding one and smelly sexy *S*

  28. 126
    Danielle Lindquist

    I’ve never tried the perfumes but I love Love Spell!

  29. 125
    Deb K

    Rapture is my favorite!

  30. 124
    Shakeia Rieux

    My favorite is bombshell

  31. 123

    I like the Heavenly Angel.

  32. 122

    Heavenly is my favorite.

  33. 121
    Laurie Emerson

    My favorite is Dream Angel.

  34. 120
    Samantha Daleo

    My favorite used to be Rapture but its been many years, I don’t know if that one is still around. I use mainly their body sprays now, I love so many of them!

  35. 119
    Kamla L.

    I haven’t tried any yet. 🙁 Winning this giveaway would be a wonderful opportunity for me to try them. Thanks!

  36. 118

    Very Sexy

  37. 117
    Annemarie Z.

    My favorite is the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum!

  38. 116
    Holly Kennedy

    Dream Angels is my fave

  39. 115
    cheryl s

    I haven’t worn their perfume before

  40. 114
    Maggie king

    Love spell!

  41. 113
    kathy pease

    I dont think I have ever tried their fragrances

  42. 112
    Megan M

    Bombshell!!! 🙂 Thanks

  43. 111

    Very sexy has always been a favorite of mine.

  44. 110
    sheila ressel

    I like the Dream Angel fragrance.

  45. 109

    I like Angel

  46. 108
    Jennifer P

    Actually I’ve never tried the Victoria Secret perfumes, so I don’t have a favourite.

  47. 107
    Velvet Hubler

    I have never used Victoria Secret fragrances

  48. 106
    golden storm

    I have never used a victorias secret fragrance so I don’t have a favorite

  49. 105

    Dream Angel is my fav.

  50. 104
    Linda Bradshaw

    I have never tried any of them.

  51. 103
    Wendy R.

    My very favorite is Pure Seduction!!!

  52. 102
    Linda Kish

    I don’t have any favorites.

  53. 101
    Kate S

    I like Dream Angel 🙂

  54. 100
    Wendy Thies

    Dream Angels

  55. 99

    secret bombsheell of course!

  56. 98
    Samantha Cox

    Nice site…. great contest. I love Dream Angel and Pink….

  57. 97
    Desiree Dunbar

    I love Angel.

  58. 96
    Friederike Graedener

    My favorite VS fragrance is Very Sexy.

  59. 95
    Karen Drake

    I love VS Pink the most, I like so many of their fragrance it is hard to choose.

  60. 94
    Hannah Avery

    I like Sexy Little Things Noir, and their Love Spell spray

  61. 93
    Ava Chavez

    I’ve always loved Love Spell!

  62. 92
    Shauntea Crutcher

    No, I have never tried any of their perfumes.

  63. 91

    Love Victoria’s Secret fragrances!!!

  64. 90
    Sherry S.

    I don’t have a favorite.

  65. 89
    Jessica Cox

    My favorite is Love Spell

  66. 88
    April V.

    I don’t know any of their fragrances; I don’t believe I’ve been to a mall in five years. But, I adore beautiful scents and I’m sure that I’d love them.

  67. 87
    Megan Parsons

    I love Amber Romance!!!

  68. 86
    lauren becker

    I don’t have a favorite yet; I’d love to try a mix of them!

  69. 85
    Jill Myrick

    My favorite has always been Heavenly.


  70. 84
    Stacy F

    Sexy for her! 🙂

  71. 83
    Stephanie Larison

    Glow is my fave

  72. 82
    Jessica Giverson

    My favorite is love spell!!!

  73. 81
    Jenny Stanek

    I actually am not familiar with any of them!

  74. 80

    I’ve tried Rapture but there are so many others I’d like to check out, especially Aqua Kiss. I used to work with a woman that always used Victoria’s Secret products. They were her signature and she always smelled so good. We could smell Sam before we could see her.

    Thanks 🙂

  75. 79

    I love the Dream Angel Heavenly fragrance best

  76. 78
    Gayle S

    The only one I have tried is Dream Angel Heavenly and I like it very much.

  77. 77

    I like Forever and Heavenly

  78. 76
    Michele P

    I have never tried VS fragrances!

  79. 75
    Michelle L

    I like Very Sexy, but i’m not sure if they still make it lol

  80. 74

    Huge fan of VS Pink. Love! Thank you for the chance to win.

  81. 73
    Christine Waddell

    I like Very Sexy.

  82. 72
    natalie nichols

    I’ve never tried them but I really would love to!

  83. 71
    Georgia Beckman

    My favorite VS scent is Dream Angel. Would love to try some others!

  84. 70
    Kristi C

    My favorite is the Dream Angels Heavenly.

  85. 69
    Seyma Shabbir

    I have not tried most of them but I do like Pink!

  86. 68
    Nicole Carter

    My fave is Love Spell

  87. 67
    kelly mcgrew

    supermodel !

  88. 66
    Jenny M.

    I did years ago, but it was discontinued and I can’t remember the name of it anymore…lol

  89. 65
    Rebekah D.

    I never had any Victoria Secret perfumes, so I don’t know how their fragrances smell, but I wouldn’t mind winning some! 🙂 I have sisters I can share it with too!

  90. 64
    Janet Benthin

    I like Angel

  91. 63

    my kid she like the pink i love pink if i win i blgo on it

  92. 62

    they have so many I like

  93. 61
    Jude Skocki Kelly


  94. 60

    I like a bunch of their scents, but very sexy is my favorite

  95. 59
    Cassie Korando

    I love Glow!

  96. 58
    carla bonesteel

    The original Very Sexy is my favorite.

  97. 57
    Nora H


  98. 56
    Gwendolyn Blunt

    I think their all delicious but VS Angel is my favorite!

  99. 55
    courtney hennagir

    i love their pink fragrance!

  100. 54
    Michele Hunter

    I used to wear Rapture but I’m not sure if they still make it.

  101. 53
    Christina Sparks

    No, I haven’t tried their perfume before.

  102. 52

    Body is my favorite!

  103. 51
    happi shopr

    I like very sexy and bombshell

  104. 50
    brandy g.

    Bombshell is my favorite. I wear it all the time.

  105. 49
    Julie Wood

    I love the Bombshell scent the best!

  106. 48

    Very sexy is my favorite and I also like very sexy for men on my hubs as well

  107. 47


  108. 46
    Rebecca Parsons

    My favorite fragrance is victoria’s secret Pink!!

  109. 45
    Paol Trenny

    MY fav is Bombshell

  110. 44
    Terri Herman

    I haven’t had an opportunity to try any if these.

  111. 43
    wendy b

    My fave is bombshell.

  112. 42

    Would love to try some!

  113. 41
    Tiffany W


  114. 40
    Melissa S

    A friend of mine used to wear one, I think it was Pink, it was really pretty.

  115. 39
    Mary M.

    I have not tried Victoria Secrets Perfume

  116. 38
    Carolann Leibenguth

    My favorite is the Amber Romance body spray

  117. 37
    chris z

    I like the VS pink fragrance

  118. 36
    Sharon Kaminski

    i have not tried victoria secret perfumes but sure would like to

  119. 35
    Martha Snider

    secret bombshell is my favorite

  120. 34
    Caitlin Myers

    I’ve never tried VS perfume but I’d like to.

  121. 33
    melina r

    I never have smelled any of the Victoria’s Secrets fragrance so this would be a great way to smell them and see if I do have a favorite fragrance.

  122. 32
    Cathy French

    I like Sexy for Her

  123. 31
    Megan Cromes

    very sexy is my fave.ty;)

  124. 30
    Kim H

    I love the Dream angels scent

  125. 29
    Dana Rodriguez

    I like VS Pink!

  126. 28
    crystle tellerday


  127. 27
    Ann Fantom

    Bombshell is my favorite Victoria’s Secret scent.

  128. 26

    Winter pear. It’s an older fragrance and hard to find. It smells like cotton candy. I used to get a lot of comments how nice i smelled.

  129. 25

    This may sound weird, but I’ve never even smelled Victoria Secrets perfumes. I would like to try it out though…

  130. 24
    jodi leah baird

    oh i do what is the name of it..it is AMBER something it is in a orange bottle with a big orangish colored flower on it..( i went to their site and it was down,told me to call to place order,was going to see if i could see the name of it)

  131. 23
    jose benavides

    I love it when my wife uses angel..

  132. 22
    Claire Rheinheimer

    I love Very Sexy!

  133. 21

    I like their Pink fragrance

  134. 20
    Kate F.

    I don’t have a favorite.

  135. 19
    Juana Esparza

    I haven’t tried their perfumes…yet.

  136. 18

    I love dream angel

  137. 17
    Darlene Carbajal

    Kiss Angel Mist!

  138. 16
    Dorothy Teel

    My granddaughter who will get this if I win likes Dream ANgel.

  139. 15
    Lisa Kerr

    I love the Pink fragrance, & all the body sprays!

  140. 14

    never tried it

  141. 13
    Mahdi M

    I’ve never tried any Victoria’s Secret fragrances!

  142. 12
    Darlene Owen

    I have never owned any.

  143. 11
    Wendy Owen

    Dream Angel but it’s really hard to chose

  144. 10
    Melissa Hartley

    Any of them are awesome 🙂
    Thank you

  145. 9
    Shawndra Befort

    I haven’t had the money to even step into a Victoria’s Secret is years so I don’t even know what scents they have. The last scent I had and liked was Pink.

  146. 8

    I like the Dream Angel!

  147. 7

    I like the Bombshell scent!

  148. 6

    mine is vanilla lace

  149. 5
    Margaret Smith

    Dream Angel is my favorite. Haven’t tried any others as yet.

  150. 4
    Amy Orvin

    Bombshell is the only one I ever tried. But I love it!!

  151. 3

    Dream Angel is one of my favorite scents.

  152. 2
    Kim Pinch

    My favorite is Secret Bombshell.

  153. 1
    Misty Battle

    Very Sexy is my fav!

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