Jul 25

*CLOSED* Check out the House Party 5 Soundboard App and win a copy of the movie! (Giveaway ends 8/2)

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I received a copy of this DVD in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

If you grew up in the 90’s like me, then I’m sure you remember the legendary House Party movies.  Well, I’m here to help you reminisce and relive your youth all while bringing the series up to date with House Party 5: Tonight’s the Night on DVD!   Here’s a bit about the film:

A pair of high school rappers have two major goals – make music and get hot girls. The best way to get both is to throw the biggest and best house party ever! The night of the party, one of the boys is grounded by his parents, so it’s up to his best friend to break him out of his house confinement and get the party started.

And yes, Kid and Play ARE in this movie!  After all, what’s a House Party without the original hosts?

To celebrate the release of this movie, I’ve got a fun House Party 5 soundboard app to share with you.
Celebrate party fun by playing with killer sound clips from the movie by triggering pads on the light-up soundboard. Click around on different pads and sounds to UNLOCK exclusive GIFs from the movie. Play with all the sounds to uncover all the hidden GIFs!

There’s also a link to watch the trailer to House Party 5 at the bottom of the app.  (The digital turntables crack me up.) It looks like a fun movie to share with your kids or just veg out to with some takeout.

And now I’m going to help one of you throw your own House Party!  One of you is going to win House Party 5: Tonight’s the Night on DVD!  This giveaway is open to US residents, ages 18 and older.  No PO Boxes so if you enter please have a physical address to have this sent to if you win.  To enter, just use the widget below.  If it doesn’t load after a minute, just refresh your browser.  Good luck and happy partying!



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3 pings

  1. 38

    We had one turn into a battle of the bands.

  2. 37


  3. 36

    I like Whoa

  4. 35
    Michelle Tucker

    I like let’s do this.

  5. 34
    Buddy Garrett

    Let’s Dance is my favorite,

  6. 33
    kathy pease

    my fave is its on 🙂

  7. 32
    Brenda Elsner

    my favorite is Let’s Dance

  8. 31
    Mihaela D.

    I like Let’s Dance.

  9. 30
    Shakeia Rieux

    Let’s Dance

  10. 29
    krystal wethington


  11. 28
    Lesley F

    I like skills

  12. 27
    Ed Nemmers


  13. 26

    I like the boom bap best of all.

  14. 25
    Kim H

    Lets dance!!

  15. 24

    Let’s Dance.

  16. 23
    James Coyne

    My favorite is Whoa

  17. 22
    laurie nykaza

    Boom Bap!!

  18. 21
    Denise S

    Let’s Dance

  19. 20
    Daniel M

    lets do this

  20. 19
    wendy b

    My fave is Boom Bap.

  21. 18
    Colleen W

    I liked the ‘time to get busy’ sound.

  22. 17
    Stephanie Larison

    I like the our jam one

  23. 16
    Thomas Bellamy

    I like Whoa.

  24. 15
    ken ohl

    whoa is my favorite

  25. 14
    June S.

    Years ago I had a big unplanned house party with a bunch of my co-workers at my house one night. It was a great party for sure!

  26. 13
    June S.

    I like the Back-Up on the sound board.

  27. 12
    Carla D.

    Let’s Dance.

  28. 11
    heather eg kaufman

    time to get busy

  29. 10
    Katie Amanda


  30. 9
    Megan Cromes


  31. 8
    Megan Cromes

    lets do this

  32. 7
    steve weber

    I went to a party involving live animals and a pool of jello…

  33. 6
    steve weber

    It;s On!

  34. 5
    peter gladue

    It’s on

  35. 4

    I like “Let’s Do This”.

  36. 3
    Mallory Bailey

    Our Jam

  37. 2
    Debby Chandler

    I don’t have any party stories to tell. I was scared to death of my parents!

  38. 1
    Debby Chandler

    I like the the “Our Jam”

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