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A Simple Song by Melody Carlson

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I received a free copy of this book as part of my involvement with Revell Publishing.  

Welcome to the blog tour for A Simple Song by Melody Carlson!  This is a new young adult Amish fiction book from this wonderful author.  I know that’s a lot of genres to touch on but Carlson does it well.  Before I get started on my thoughts, here’s a summary of the book:

Katrina Yoder loves to sing, but her Amish parents view singing as vainglory and a sin. Katrina’s best friend, Bekka, is convinced Katrina should try out for American Star, a televised singing competition that Bekka has been secretly watching. Katrina resists the temptation until her father’s health worsens. He desperately needs a surgery the family cannot afford. Katrina decides she must go against her parents’ wishes to win the money needed to help her father. But how will she handle herself as an Amish teenager out in the world?

Teen girls will be swept into the excitement as Katrina ventures out of her quiet Amish world to become a reality television star. Will she be successful? And will she be accepted back into her community when it’s over?

If you’ve ever watched American Idol, I think you would enjoy this book, whether or not you’re a “young adult”.  It is another view on a craze that swept our nation, except for those that don’t watch television, listen to the radio, or even sing songs besides hymns.  I really enjoyed learning about how the Amish viewed such things as revealing outfits, things that we take for granted as just being there.  I also gained a lot of insight into some Amish traditions and laws through this book, including the one of too much pride, or “vainglory”.

Another aspect to the Amish family dynamics was very interesting.  Katrina is accompanied by her spinster Aunt Alma, who has her own dilemma to deal with.  She faces being shunned to make sure that Katrina is safe but to also be able to experience the English world.  Maybe I missed it, but I’m not sure what happened to situation in the end when she returns home before Katrina.  I’d like to read more about Aunt Alma, but perhaps that’s a subject for an adult Amish novel.

Melody Carlson does an excellent job of showing the contrast between the modern world and the Amish world that voluntarily stays stuck centuries behind the English one.  I think anybody, teen or adult, who is interested in the Amish world would benefit from reading A Simple Song or any of Carlson’s YA Amish books.  I’ll eagerly be awaiting the next book from Melody Carlson – a real master of the Christian fiction genre.

A Simple Song by Melody Carlson is available from various online booksellers, like Amazon.com or Christianbook.com.

Available June 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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