May 22

*CLOSED* Decked Out Dad’s Day Giveaway (Ends 6/5)

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Celebrate Father’s of all kinds this Father’s Day!  Decked Out Dad’s Day is all about Dad whether he’s a traveler, a techie, the chef, or even the stay at home man!!  Make Our Own Network is thrilled to bring you over $1000 in gifts for Dad.  There are 6 packages worth over $145 each!  Even if you don’t win, there’s some great gift ideas here for Dad – always a hard person to shop for!  What’s your favorite item below?


Package #1 – ARV $215
(For more details, Click on each link to read the actual review)
Robo Form/Good Sync – Computer Program
Package #2 – ARV $206
(For more details, Click on each link to read the actual review)
Daddy Scrubs – Gift Set


Package #3 – ARV $151
(For more details, Click on each link to read the actual review)
DUB Garage – 007 RC Die Cast Car


Package #4 – ARV $150
(For more details, Click on each link to read the actual review)
Zim’s Natural Pain Relief – Choice of Max Freeze or Heat Roll on
TheraPearl – Back Wrap Therapy
NoNetz – Men’s Swimsuit


Package #5 – ARV $148
(For more details, Click on each link to read the actual review)
Ultimate Green Store – $25 Gift Certificate
LOLShirts – Choice of T-shirt
Opena Case – iPhone Holda Case


Package #6 – ARV $145
(For more details, Click on each link to read the actual review)

Man Cave Worldwide – Major Flavor Injector + Rib Rack

Yum Earth – Snack Assortment


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“Make Our Own Network” solely organized this event and I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are 100% my own and may differ from your own or even those stated in this post. Literary Winner is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

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  1. 38
    Ed Nemmers

    # 3; those Chicken Soup Books are a joy to read!

  2. 37
    Amy Dennis

    I can’t decide between 1 and 5!

  3. 36
    Helen May

    #5 because eco green products are something we do. Also tee shirts are great! Thank you!

  4. 35
    Sherry Compton

    Prize six with the flavor injector would be nice.

  5. 34
    Kate S

    I like #1 because I always wanted a mesh fire pit outside!!

  6. 33
    bryan clark

    package 1

  7. 32
    Darlene Owen

    My husband just got a smoker so he would love to try the flavor injector and rib rack. The spice rack would be great also to hold all his spices he has.

  8. 31
    John OBrien

    We’d like package #1 – we’re in the process of building a patio, and the fire pit would be an awesome touch.

  9. 30
    william stage

    Love to win the deck out dadcause I’m a dad

  10. 29

    love #1-the fire pit is awesome!…crossing my fingers!

  11. 28
    soha molina

    package 1-he’d love the fire pit.

  12. 27
    Sherry Compton

    Number 5 with the gift cards please.

  13. 26
    melissa Resnick

    #6 because my husband would love all the things in it and he deserves it all

  14. 25
    soha molina

    Package #1 – ARV $215

  15. 24
    Peggy Hopkins

    Number 6 would be great for my husband because he is a food junky, but he’s in no way chunky. His job is physically demanding, so he gets to eat as much as he wants, whenever he wants.

  16. 23
    Joyce Harrell

    Pkg 1 as our family has always wanted a fire pit to enjoy and make s’mores.

  17. 22

    I think #1 is the most exciting. We really could use roboform and would so love a firepit

  18. 21

    It has to be package #6, I love to smoke and BBQ in the summertime

  19. 20
    Teresa Thompson

    I would choose Package #1 for my husband. He would love a firepit.

  20. 19

    today i think package #3 would be nice for the parenting chicken soup for the soul! Been a trying week this week with the kids!

  21. 18
    Ruby Yoshi

    I’m excited about package#6

  22. 17
    Sherry Compton

    Several good packages. I would like package 5 please. The shirts and green store and gift cards would be great.

  23. 16
    Katie Amanda

    Prize package one is great. I love the fire pit.

  24. 15

    I’d pick Package #6.

  25. 14
    Helen May

    #1 because my husband spends a lot of time outdoors and loves fires. When we had a wood burning stove he spent hours watching the fire and stoking it.

  26. 13
    Amanda J.

    Package #6!

  27. 12
    Hope Mitchner

    i like package 1 the best. My husband would love the fire pit.

  28. 11
    Tari Lawson

    I like package #4 best.

  29. 10
    Chelsea sims

    Pkg. 2 is what I like the most and I think my husband would enjoy most

  30. 9
    michelle koerner

    Package #4, i know my hubby could use everything in this package!

  31. 8
    rebeka deleon

    #1 because my husband would love a fire pit outside

  32. 7

    #1 for the fire pit!! We have been wanting one and just haven’t been able to afford one yet!

  33. 6

    Definitely #1! That seems the most like Jas! Thanks!!!!!

  34. 5
    Robin Blankenship

    Iam most excited about Package #1 My husband would love a fire pit.

  35. 4
    Dorothy Teel

    Sorry that is prize pack 4, not 6.. early morning here..

  36. 3
    Dorothy Teel

    Would like to win prize pack 6, hubby broke back years ago, healled well, but at times, it really aches and would benefit from heat roll and back wrap…He would like the no nets bathing suit..also..

  37. 2
    Peggy Hopkins

    Package #4 would be great for my husband. He has a physically intensive job and always has a pain somewhere.

  38. 1
    Darlene Owen

    I like them all but #6 the most as my husband loves to cook outside. He just recently bought a smoker, and would love to try the injector and he loves to experiment with different spices.

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