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Wordless Wednesday 4/16/13: Sisters

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(Please envision this cut out in a cool heart shape.  Evidently Photoshop CS5 does not come with a cookie cutter shape that would make this simple so I was so not going there at 8:45 pm.)

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  1. 8
    Michelle Perez

    My sister and I did not get along until we moved out of mom’s house. I have 2 babes now both under the age of 2 & they look at each other with such loving gazes & comfort each other when the other is upset. I hope they stay like that forever! If they are anything like my sister & me, I will definitely sprout grey hair prematurely!

  2. 7
    Stacey @ Newlywed Survival

    What an adorable photo! Reminds me of my sister and I – such a great relationship!

  3. 6
    Miranda Sherman

    Very cute..sisterly love! I only have one girl and she would love a little sister but is conflicted, she also enjoys being the only girl.

  4. 5

    Very cute! I have lots of pictures like this of my girls. I look back at them often to remember just how small they were and how they have loved each other from the very start.

    Also (not that this picture needs anything else, because it’s awesome) if Photoshop continues to be a pain, you can always try picmonkey. I think they have shapes that you can choose from and you can even add glitter/sparkles. I sound like a rep for them, but I’m really not (I swear), I just love that it’s free and easy editing.

  5. 4
    Kelly R

    That is so cute..

  6. 3
    Alisha Kostiuk

    They are adorable, sisters sure are a gift.

  7. 2

    Aw, they are sweeties together. I hope to give my little girl a sibling closer to her age. It’s something I always wished I had growing up.

  8. 1

    That’s a cute picture!! Sisters are cool, I have two (I’m the middle one)!

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