Nov 05

*CLOSED* It’s In the Bag Giveaway Hop – win nail polish and beauty samples! Ends 11/18

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Welcome to the It’s in the Bag Giveaway Hop hosted by Life With Two Boys and With Our Best! This is a “what’s in your purse?” themed giveaway hop and will feature a variety of products that women find in their purse. Each of the participating blogs has an awesome prize worth at least $25 so after you enter my giveaway be sure to hop around to the rest of the blogs on the linky below.

Thanks to our amazing sponsor, Maggie Bags, we also have a fun Grand Prize for one lucky winner… A stylish Campus Tote and coordinating Key Chain (ARV $104)! Maggie Bags offers fashionable and eco-conscious handbags and accessories that are constructed from genuine automotive seat belt webbing. Ready to make a purchase? Use code: InTheBag for 25% off any Premier Collection purchase.

Enter the Grand Prize (it’s an extra entry in my giveaway below!)
I’ve always loved nail polish.  And while some may not carry it around, I know some people do carry it around to doll up their nails at any given time.  I used to not spend a lot of money on polish but I’ve come a long way and realize that now the good stuff is worth the money.  So my realization is now being shared with you – you’re getting some awesome nail polish!
Here’s what I’m giving away:
That’s 2 Essie nail polishes, 1 Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish and one of the coveted Target makeup bags!  I got this one a while ago so I pulled out the (expired) coupons but have also thrown in some other miscellaneous beauty samples.  It’s so full I can barely zip it!
Here’s the Essie Stroke of Brilliance ($8.00 RV):
And the Essie Good as Gold ($8.00 RV):
And the Sally Hansen Silver Elements (ARV $8.99):
So as you can see, you’ve got some fun nail polishes for the holidays, especially for New Year’s Eve.  Even if you’re not going out on the town, you can bling out your nails something fierce!  And then you can give yourself some pampering with all of the samples, and then carry around your new polishes in that cute makeup bag.
This giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and older.  It runs from Monday, 11/5 until Sunday, 11/18.  To enter, use the Rafflecopter form below.  If it doesn’t load after a minute, refresh your browser.  After you’ve entered here, don’t forget to hop around to all of the other blogs using the links below AND enter to win the grand prize!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Please note that the It's in the Bag hosts and participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prize. We have represented each sponsor with the expectation that they will fulfill their prize in a timely manner. While we are not responsible, we will make every effort to assist the winner in obtaining their prize.
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  1. 108
    Christian Alejandro N.

    well my laptop bag had a spiderman once!

  2. 107
    shirley zolenski

    A double headed nickel

  3. 106


  4. 105
    Nikkie Cossairt

    The strangest thing I have ever carried around is dog cookies.

  5. 104

    Hmm… some salt in my purse… ALL over inside my purse!

  6. 103
    Lanicsha Wynn

    a can of dog food in my purse, it only became strange when I no longer had a dog

  7. 102
    Erin @ Making Memories

    I don’t know how strange this is but when my kids had tubes in their ears I had to carry around ear plugs where we went.

  8. 101
    Alicia Som

    Um..urine….when I was preggo with my first I had to have my kidneys monitored and had to collect my urine for 24 hours then bring it to the lab! How awful it was!!

  9. 100
    Trisha McKee

    I have a big purse and usually have a can of Red Bull in there.

  10. 99
    Abby C.

    A pack of colored pens (it was actually for work but yeah kinda strange)

  11. 98

    Probly the strangest thing has been yarn 🙂

  12. 97
    kathy pease

    crazy glue you never know when a heel might break

  13. 96
    mary gardner

    duct tape – you never know when you might need it and it can fix almost anything!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  14. 95

    I don’t think I carry anything strange.

  15. 94
    Lisa Walker

    Ketchup packets!

  16. 93
    diane Baum

    Strangest item- a Spiderman comic book and a coffee cup

  17. 92
    Diana Stanhope

    I carry around a gratitude stone everywhere I go and when I get stressed I hold and think of at least two reasons I have to be happy. It always improves my outlook.

  18. 91
    Delia B

    Probably a sandwich in a plastic bag, but soon it’ll be my menstrual cup. : P

  19. 90
    Brenda S.

    flossers & toothbrush

  20. 89

    My son’s tooth. It fell out when he was 5 & we went out to lunch. I put it in my purse & it stayed there until we got home & he put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy 🙂

  21. 88

    i just found a rubber ducky in my purse that apparently my daughter put in there lol

  22. 87

    I’ve carried a pair of scrubs in my bag.

  23. 86

    I don’t believe I carry anything around that I’d personally consider strange lol

  24. 85
    Myra R

    the strangest thing i ever carried around in my purse was my cordless phone cause i accidentally brought it with me thinking it was my cell phone LOL!

  25. 84
    Laura S

    A childs power rangers toy.

  26. 83
    Sandra C

    The strangest thing I’ve had in my purse was a stool sample (for my dog).

    Thanks for the chance!

  27. 82
    Sarah Madrigal

    Huge scissors in my bag because my daughter had used them at school.

  28. 81

    Once I carried around 14 inches of my hair in my purse until I could donate it!

  29. 80

    A bowl of easy mac

  30. 79
    Nicole Lancaster

    The Strangest item I’ve carried around with me was a pee sample.

  31. 78
    Lucy Schwartz

    I carried a one way valve to do CPR breathing safely.

  32. 77
    debra pearlstein

    nothing too strange, my Dad’s ring

  33. 76
    jenna tomaszewski

    honestly I’ve never had any wierd thing…

  34. 75
    Cheryl Chervitz

    I carry a pair of latex gloves and hospital tape in my purse. Never know when you might have to tape something up!

  35. 74

    Probably a wine opener! Thanks!

  36. 73
    Crystal Young

    A rose pin that my Mom gave to me.

  37. 72

    a pin with wings on it that I got the last time I flew on a plane.. I probably should take it out of my purse

  38. 71
    Seyma Shabbir

    coupons, in case I saw a good sale!

  39. 70
    Lisa R

    a goldfish

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  40. 69
    Bonnie Hilligoss

    I don’t know if the things I carry are strange, but I usually have what anyone might ask for – nail file, aleve, kleenex, toothpicks, small tool kit, tape measure, hair spray, blackjack card, wipes, flashlight, etc. and my purse weighs a TON.

  41. 68
    Lisa Garner

    Probably the strangest thing is a little hand broom.

  42. 67

    Years ago, I used to carry a tiny porcelain doll in my purse that had the head and one hand broken off. Now it’s just in my jewelry box lol.

  43. 66
    Kasee Johnson

    I carried my daughter’s lost tooth around for a while. We kept forgetting to take it out of my purse and leave it on her pillow for the Tooth Fairy!

  44. 65
    Chelsea Grooms

    Sometimes I carry diapers and wipes in my purse if I don’t want to take the diaper bag, other times I’ll have snacks for the kids. I can’t really think of anything strange I have in there. Condoms maybe. LoL

  45. 64
    krista grandstaff

    The strangest thing.. I got all the way to work and realized I had one of the cordless phones in my bag…I had been on it when I left the house and I guess I just thought I had my cell…I hung up after pulling out of the driveway so I never thought about it :)~

  46. 63
    Polly Bourke

    a screwdriver

  47. 62
    barbara tryon

    The strangest items I have carried with me in my purse was a ton of Autumn Leaves my daughter was picking up when we were taking a walk, she couldn’t decide what one was the prettiest so she kept adding and adding to my purse.

  48. 61

    When I was living in Washington, DC, I used to carry a huge purse so I could carry an extra pair of shoes – dress shoes for work, comfy shoes for all the walking between buses and metro stations. One time I went to one of the Smithsonian museums and a guard had to check the contents of my bag. I felt bag that he had to handle my smelly shoes!!

  49. 60
    Letessha Williams

    flossers, toenail clippers

  50. 59

    toothbrush and socks


  51. 58

    The strangest thing I’ve carried around with me is hospital ID bracelets. I was pregnant with twins and had to see a perinatologist once a week. I had quite a collection of ID bracelets in my purse.

  52. 57
    Trinity Babichuk

    measuring tape?

  53. 56
    Ash Johnson

    I carry two pairs of glasses, one brown and one black in case I have to take my contacts out.

  54. 55
    susan varney

    probably a whiskey flask

  55. 54
    Samantha Meyer

    Haha, I had to pay a ticket one time and I walked into the courthouse (where they scan your bags) and I remember hearing the guard say “Ma’am, I am going to need you to remove the pliers from your satchel” lol

  56. 53

    Duct tape-I can’t tell you how many times it comes in handy!

  57. 52
    Sue Hull

    I have a tooth brush,cologne and mase. I’m prepared for everything. LOL! Thank you for the cool giveaway! 🙂

  58. 51
    Rachael Henzman

    Right now I have two packages of oyster crackers in my bag and that’s got to be one of the craziest 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. 50
    Stephanie Larison

    I had to carry around Q-tips and peroxide for a while to clean my wound.

  60. 49


  61. 48
    Crystal Irvin

    Bug spray

  62. 47
    Mia J

    I carried socks.

  63. 46
    Susan Audrey

    Leftover Biscuits from restaurants! My husband hates to waste food so he always makes me put leftover biscuits in a napkin in my purse to take home to eat later 🙂

  64. 45
    Carla C

    pair of scissors

  65. 44

    A fortune from a cookie

  66. 43

    My kids and husband often shove stuff into my purse and then it stays there. The most recent I can remember weird thing is my son’s tie.

  67. 42
    Michele Baron

    I’ve carried a diet scale with me when I’m on Weight Watchers

  68. 41
    Gina Strickland

    I carried a cork screw. I was a server and I wanted it handy!! You never know when you may need you!!

  69. 40

    I carry the Constitution with me.

  70. 39

    I carried around my daughter’s flip flop for a week. Didn’t know it was in my purse.

  71. 38

    One I carried home a dead bat to use as a show and tell project. Regrettingly due to the foul smell I had dump it.lol

  72. 37
    Heather Kenville

    A toy from a Happy Mean- strange for me cuz my son is 12 yrs old- you never know when your gonna see a little kid that needs one 🙂

  73. 36
    Millie McClave

    A filet knife. Ya never know when you might need to filet a fish!

  74. 35
    rochelle haynes

    nothing strange just what I need!!

  75. 34

    I carry travel toilet paper and toilet seat covers in my purse. I really don’t think it’s exactly strange, but not many people don’t have that readily available in their purses. But sometimes you go to public restrooms and they’re out, you know? Maybe the strange part is that I carry them in my purse, but don’t use public restrooms lol. A small phobia of mine. But if I’m hanging with you, and you’re in a bind when you need to use the restroom, I’ve got you covered! (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)

  76. 33
    Jennifer Rote

    I used to carry a bottle opener in my younger days.

  77. 32
    Jenn M

    A dog toy

  78. 31

    One of the children’s toys from a fast food place!

  79. 30
    Valerie C.

    Hmmmm….probably my lucky charm, a moon rock 🙂

  80. 29
    Megan Parsons

    A small sewing kit for just in case I have a wardrobe oops!

  81. 28
    nicole lewis

    a spider, it crawled into my wallet in my bag and jumped out at the cashier at the grocery store when i opened it up

  82. 27
    Kristen N.

    I’ve carried tweezers around with me.

  83. 26
    Rise Isom

    My favorite salad dressing

  84. 25

    travel perfume, cause i have never put it on on the go

  85. 24
    viviana rodriguez

    i think the strangest thing would have to be a my aunts bra that my little cousin thought it would be funny to put in my purse!

  86. 23
    Allie Lanc

    deodorant ha ha

  87. 22
    Amanda B

    I carry around pepper spray because I walk a lot 🙂

  88. 21

    maybe a toothbrush? lol

  89. 20

    I had to carry a lightbulb to the hardware store once. It was a custom shape, so I had to bring the whole thing to be able to match it up! lol

  90. 19

    the strangest thing I carried with me was my son’s first baby tooth.

  91. 18
    Stacey B

    Maybe my son’s asthma inhalers? i’m sure there has been stranger, but that’s the 1st thing that comes to mind as out of the ordinary

  92. 17
    richelle bowers


  93. 16
    Keisa Rogers

    I carried around my daughters tooth for a few days.We forgot about it and she lost it while we were shopping

  94. 15
    Lana Bradstream

    Insulin and syringes.

  95. 14
    Jane Tvede

    3 Sharing the joy with everyone and hope this time luck is with me so I win <3
    super delicious giveaway

  96. 13
    Diana Hatch

    measuring tape

  97. 12
    elven johnson

    A mouse, my cat thought I would want it. LOL My bag started smelling & I had no idea until I opened my bag at the store!

  98. 11
    Allyce Smith

    The strangest thing I’ve carried around with me is a remote. I was rushing out the door, trying to get to class and I grabbed the first black handheld electronic thing I saw thinking it was my phone. Needless to say everyone got a kick out of that when I got home and told them why they had to use the button on the TV!

  99. 10
    Tanya M

    I carried a dead dragonfly around for a while. My kids found it outside the store, we wrapped it in the napkin I had in my bag and put it there. Needless to say, all of us forgot about this poor thing, until weeks later I found it…
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  100. 9
    Jessica R.

    I think it’s smart, but some people would think it’s strange that I carry a pocket knife.

  101. 8
    jenny green

    I had to carry a dead fish in my pocket once so that i could replace my sons dead fish

  102. 7
    Stefanie Elysse Hurtado

    Plant roots that my mom finds. She’s obsessed with saving little uprooted plants so I often end up carrying them around in paper towels!

  103. 6

    I carried around a hermit crab once —– long story!

    1. 6.1

      I carried a tiny hermit crab in a small plastic container…in my bra once. lol A not so long story, but I won’t go into details. Just thought I’d share hehe.

  104. 5
    Karen Ziegler

    The strangest thing i carried around with me was proof of a sticker that my son shoved up his nose when he was about a year old. I brought it home to show his father because he said he couldn’t see anything up his nose before i took him to the hospital.lol yuck i know, but at least they gave it to mein a cup w/ a lid… 🙂

  105. 4
    Karen Glatt

    The strangest thing I ever carried around with me is floss! I can not go anywhere with out floss because I have to make sure nothing is in my teeth!

  106. 3
    Georgette C

    This is easy. I used to get inspired with ideas to write about when out with friends at restaurants. I was fond of taking napkins from whatever restaurant we were at and keeping them on me at all times, ideas written on them and all. I realize this makes me insane. LOL

  107. 2
    maria elena

    some people think its strange that i carry a copy of the constitution in my purse lol

  108. 1
    Marie H

    The strangest thing? Rocks. My daughter and husband pick up rocks everywhere we go. They throw them in my purse when it’s sitting in the car. I kept thinking my purse was getting heavier and when I went to look, I’d been carrying around a handful of rocks in the bottom of my purse! Explained a lot. lol

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