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The BFFL Delivery bag delivers all you’ll need for birth and recovery (Sponsor Spotlight)

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Going to the hospital sucks.  Big time.  Yes, it’s great when we’re going to give birth to a child, but it still sucks somewhat.  I always forget something and it’s that something that you just wanted so bad.  Whether that’s a pen, a pad of paper or even a brush, it really can irk you when you don’t feel good and you’re not at home.

BFFL Co has realized that a market exists for bags that contain all you might need for a hospital stay and created the BFFL Bag.  Originally started as a bag for women undergoing a mastectomy, they’ve seen that other patients could use a “best friend” like this by their side.  You can now choose a range of BFFL Bags to help your loved one through their stay, including ones for chemotherapy, prostate, gynecological and many other treatments/conditions.

I received the Mommy/Delivery BFFL Bag to help me through my upcoming hospital stay when my third child is born in late January.  Here’s the quick summary of the contents and then I’ll go into more detail and close-up photos of each component.

And here’s my pictures:

Now, it’s hard to see from these photos but there are tons of cool things inside this bag!  And even with all of the items that I’m about to tell you about, there’s still plenty of room for your extra clothes and other necessities, plus there are inside and outside pockets to stash quick items

First, here’s all of the items laid out:

As you can see, there’s a pair of flip flops (too small for my giant feet) in there.  There’s also a pocket calendar for 2012/2013.  I liked the plastic envelope with the baby log inside, as this would be very handy for storing any other discharge information:

Other small items include a BFFL Water bag (collapsible water bag):

And a small trial pack of skin care product:

And washable nursing pads:

Now, on to the really cool stuff!



The largest item is the Axilla pillow.  While originally designed for other post-surgical areas, I know this would work well for the post-cesarean-section coughing that begs for something to press against that incision.  It can also be used for nursing support.








Then there is the perineal pack, which I think is priceless.  This includes two reuseable gel ice packs that can be frozen for perineal relief, plus disposable covers that appear to be resistant to sticking to wounds.  I was really excited over this inclusion, although I think these might work better at home when you have a freezer at hand.






Next up is the Toiletries bag.  All of the bags are packaged in clear, zippable makeup style bags to make it easy to see which bag you want.  This includes almost everything you might need in the hospital, like dry shampoo, a brush, ear plugs, lip balma nd other items.  I do think you will want a regular toothbrush (they only include one of those one-time use disposable ones) and perhaps that is something you could put in yourself – a travel toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste.  I would also add a travel bar of soap and small bottles of shampoo and conditioner for that precious after-delivery shower.






And then we have the Wound Care pack which is mostly for those moms that had a c-section.  It does include menstrual pads but they’re really not the big honking ones that you’ll need after delivery but you will use them later, after you run out of big honking pads at home and have to send somebody to the store to pick up some.

Also included in this pack is gauze sponges for various uses and abdominal pads to lay over c-section incisions.  You get a good amount of each.  There are also two abdominal wraps that are made out of the same material as the prized mesh panties that I guess you could use to hold on the abdominal pad.  I just used the mesh panties to hold the wound cover in place.







Last but not least is the Amusements Bag.  This contains slipper socks, a notepad, a pen, a pack of cards, a nutritional bar, and other crucial things you didn’t know you needed.




I know that was very long but I wanted you to see that the BFFL Delivery Bag contains a huge amount of items.  I am overjoyed to have this bag as it takes care of a lot of the packing for me.  It also reminds me of the extra items I will need to put in there, like contact lens stuff, a phone charger and clothes to come home in.  I’ll still probably bring my laptop backpack (as if I’ll even look at my laptop) and a smallish diaper bag but I really am a huge fan of this BFFL bag.

I urge you all to think beyond the usual shower gifts and give the BFFL Delivery Bag instead for the next baby shower you attend.  It will become the new mom’s favorite gift as she explores the goodies and necessities inside and also packs her other needed items.  Or perhaps you have a friend or family member facing a hospital stay for another reason.  Check out the full list of BFFL Bags available for purchase (or create your own combination!).

The BFFL Delivery Bag sells for $120, with 15% of the net profit going to the Harvard School of Public Health Women’s and Health Initiative.  You can connect with BFFL Co on their website or blog or on Twitter or Facebook.

Starting on Wednesday, 10/7, I’ll be giving away one BFFL Delivery Bag in the Blogorama Bonanza Event!  Be sure to come back to enter to win this fantastic BFFL Delivery Bag for yourself or someone else who is expecting!

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  1. 31
    Phoenix Carvelli

    I wish I had one of these when my kids were born! There is a little one on the way in the family and this would be a great idea for Mom since the focus is mainly on the dear little munchkin! This is an awesome idea!

  2. 30
    Sherry Fowler

    I love this bag! My daughter is preggers and this will make a great gift for her!

  3. 29
    Richard Hicks

    great idea and any new Mom would be thrilled to have all the goodies!

  4. 28
    Kristy Vescio

    What an awesome idea. Wish I would have had when I had kids!

  5. 27
    Melissa Dealmeida

    This is a great idea especially for first time parents because you are never really sure about what to take to the hospital with you. It would also make a really nice baby shower gift!

  6. 26
    heather hrpcha

    this is a great gift gives me some ideas to do for people i know that are expecting

  7. 25
    kathy pease

    what a great gift this would make for an expectant mom..such an awesome idea 🙂

  8. 24
    Sherry Conrad

    Awesome idea- wish I had had something like this for my deliveries.

  9. 23
    ashley a

    This is a great giveaway…. everything you need!

  10. 22
    Taryn Pasco

    This is such a great idea! I am a scheduled c-section for my pregnancies and am expecting in February. I’m glad that there is stuff in here for c-sections. I NEED that pillow! 🙂

  11. 21
    Dawn Sterner

    This is so great! I wish I would of had one of these when I had my kids! This is such a great idea & so helpful too!

  12. 20
    Amanda Wiggins

    This looks so helpful and so needed. I feel that I might forget some of the items in the kit when the big day comes.

  13. 19
    Angela Johns

    This is great because it contains most of the things you need but might forget.

  14. 18

    Looking forward to winning this for a very good friend which is expecting!

  15. 17
    Kristin Gilbert

    What a great idea for new moms. It seems to have many things in it, I would never think of.

  16. 16
    Haley Prather (Kasprzyk)

    This is seriously a genius idea. So many useful things all in one place. I really wish I would have had this when I gave birth.

  17. 15
    trista doerfer

    almost all of these things are thing i would not of thought to bring. I could use them. the things that people think of now days are truly innovative. i enjoy the review and i appreciate the opportunity to learn about new companies and their products. I believe this is a great way to “promote” thanks for the insight.

  18. 14

    This is a great gift! Everything that you need all in 1 simple bag! When I had my 1 daughter I had all these things in small baggies in a large duffel bag…it would be nice to find the things that i need easier because they are in a smaller bag!

  19. 13
    Lisa Paisley

    I love all the items in the bag, What an awesome gift for someone going to the hospital, Expecially the Toiletry items!

  20. 12
    Tina Holt

    What a great idea and wonderful review! My daughter is due in December and we have been discussing what she should will need for the hospital trip. This bag has it all, well except a best friend, which would be me 🙂

  21. 11
    Jamie Martin

    I’m going to have to share this with my wife; look how huge it is!

  22. 10
    Ashlee Foltz

    This is amazing. I forgot warm socks and lipbalm with both of my previous deliveries. This would be great so daddy doesn’t have to run out for things!

  23. 9
    Vanessa Richard

    this is an amazing idea would be great for me with being due in December and just had my first last october

  24. 8
    jacqueline gregoire prichard

    this is such a great package i would love the gel packs,and i too have big feet so maybe ill give the foot flops to a friend

  25. 7

    Wow! What an extensive list, I am due in december, its great to know beforehand

  26. 6
    Sara Doering

    I love this bag/idea and wish I had one when I had my son sice I forgot mine at home in the first place.

  27. 5
    Gina Strickland

    This is an awesome idea!! I would love to win this for my sister!!! This is her first baby at age 30 and she is just so excited!!!

  28. 4
    Carol W

    Wish I could have found something like this when I was pregnant with my first.

  29. 3
    chelesa sims

    what an awesome idea. I wish i would have gotten one of these with my two. It has everything in one.

  30. 2
    Amanda Taylor @ Survival Guide

    Oh that is SUCH a good idea. I agree with Lavonne, what a great thing to give someone going to have surgery or give birth!

  31. 1

    This is awesome. I wish I had it four months ago when I gave birth. I will have to show my friend, who is due this month!

  1. 0
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