Jul 03

Traveling man…er, woman

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This month, I’m taking part in another posting project.  I’ll try to post every day about a different topic. (Notice it’s July 3rd and this is my first post)  Maybe you’re interested, maybe you’re not, but it helps me spill my brains.  Maybe you’ll learn something about me.  I also invite you to comment with your thoughts or own experiences.

I’ll admit it – I’m not very traveled.  The furthest west I’ve been is Texas last summer and before that, it was somewhere in Pennsylvania.  Yeah, kinda sad.

But  I have traveled a lot – to Disney World.  I’ve been there…hmm, let me think.  10 times and 2 day trips (or short ones).  Most of those trips have been in the last 12 years.  I got my husband hooked and now he wants to go all.the.time.  But, he won’t fly.  And with two kids, flying isn’t always practical.

Generally when we go to Florida, we now visit my parents since they live about an hour north of Disney World and they have moved their full-time.  So we get some Mimi and Pop time in, some Florida retirement village relaxation, and our Disney fix.

This year…well, I don’t know.  We were supposed to go in August but I don’t know now.  I’m facing some health issues that might prevent me from riding in a car that long and flying just wouldn’t work well.  Auto Train – ridonculously expensive.  (I am NOT a fan of Amtrak anyway)  So, who knows what this future holds for travel?  At the very least, I’ve kinda put my foot down about renting a house in the Outer Banks next summer for a week for some beach time and so my parents can come up and visit too.  That way neither of us is driving hideously long distances.

Do you travel?  Where?  Where’s your favorite place you’ve been?  Mine is the Gulf Coast of Florida, which I was really hoping to hit again this year.  Leave me a comment!

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    My husband used to go to Disney every year with his family and he has decided that our boy is finally at the age that we MUST GO NOW!! I’m dying to go, but we have to save up money so we can actually enjoy our time there. Otherwise, we don’t go very often. Just a few short trips here and there.

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